Derek Collison
Founder and CEO
Joran Dirk Greef
Founder and CEO
Andrew Kelley
Creator and President
Matt Knight
Senior Engineer
Alana Marzoev
Founder and CEO

YouTube Talk Premiere Agenda

Join us live at 9AM PT / 12PM ET / 4PM UTC on YouTube to chat with TigerBeetle and the speakers!

Check back here after each talk for a link to the next one!

Fri April 7 Kickoff! Making Systems Programming Accessible by Andrew Kelley
Tues April 11 Rethinking connectivity in a multi-cloud and edge dominant world by Derek Collison
Thurs April 13 Building an embedded ecosystem for my past self by Matt Knight
Mon April 17 Caching: the 1st hardest problem by Alana Marzoev
Wed April 19 What is a database? by Jamie Brandon
Fri April 21 Investing in Systems by Natalie Vais
Mon April 24 Lightning talks!
Wed April 26 "TigerStyle! (Or How To Design Safer Systems in Less Time)" by Joran Dirk Greef


Didn't the conference already happen?

Yes! And now we're releasing the talks online for everyone to watch live and interact with TigerBeetle and speakers.

Where can I follow updates?

Follow @TigerBeetleDB on Twitter for updates.

Is there a group chat?

Yes! Join our Slack. There are two dedicated channels for the conference. Say hi, meet other attendees, and ask questions!

Is this a Zig conference? Do I need to know Zig?

Not at all! While TigerBeetle might be Zig's biggest fan and while we've got Loris and Andrew from the Zig Software Foundation as speakers, the true emphasis of the conference is on systems. No talks will assume you are an expert in Zig and few will even touch on Zig at all. But we encourage you to try out Zig if it sounds interesting to you!

Code of Conduct

Or as Jamie puts it: "Can we behave like idiots?". 😁

We'll quote him:

We expect everyone to conduct themselves like the professionals you are. Also: be curious and constructive rather than cynical and dismissive, stay on topic and avoid digressions that are likely to start fights.

Anything else?

Get in touch!

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